Chunghwa Telecom Brings BlackBerry to Taiwan

Chunghaw Telecom (CHT) plans to bring RIM’s BlackBerry smartphones to Taiwan in the first half of 2010. Taiwan Mobile has enjoyed a monopoly on BlackBerry sales so far. Most likely prices for BlackBerry smartphones as well as associated calling and data plans will fall. CHT will also work with Senao International (CHT holds 30% share) to promote Apple’s iPhone in Taiwan. Source: DIGITIMES

HP EliteBook 2740p: 12.1-inch Capacitive Multitouch Convertible Tablet

HP’s EliteBook 2740p is a 12.1-inch convertible tablet starting at a price of US$1599. The capacitive multitouch 12.1-inch LED backlit TFT LCD supports finger input as well as the built-in stylus. There is also the option of a transflective LCD for easier viewing outdoors. The 2740p is just 3.8 pounds thanks to the magnesium alloy chassis, making it look absolutely beautiful. Source: Engadget

Display Paradise?

Forty 24-inch LCD monitors driven by six Core i7-975 towers each with 24GB DDR3, 2x SLC SSDs in RAID 0 and an NVIDIA NVS 420 or 9800 GT. Crazy. Source: Lifehacker

What Is a Photograph?

David Pogue’s Photoshop and Photography: When Is It Real? continues the discussion sparked by the March issue of Popular Photography in which Miriam Leuchter wrote an article titled “What Is a Photograph?” In the magazine’s Reader’s Photos Contest the winners in two of the categories were composites, or Photoshop jobs:

One photo shows a motorcyclist being chased by a tornado; another shows a flock of seagulls wheeling around a lighthouse in amazingly photogenic formation. Neither scene ever actually existed as photographed.


North America Web Consumption: OS X Growing

Quantcast, a web statistics company, announced January results: 86.8% of web consumption is via Windows; just 10.9% is by OS X. Sounds like your regular market share story with Windows dominating, but dig a little and you get a different story.

OS X grew 7.0% M/M, 5.2% Q/Q and 29.4% Y/Y in January 2010. Windows, on the other hand, declined 0.9% M/M, 0.9% Q/Q and 3.8% Y/Y. Qauntcast noted the strong holiday season for Apple  as one of the reasons why the company’s operating system experienced growth in January.

I hope Apple continues to do well but I don’t want Apple to become too successful. I don’t want Apple to get so big that it loses focus, on beautiful hardware design, intuitive operating systems, on systems that simply work. Source: AppleInsider

LG Windows Phone 7 Series Prototype

Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman was on The Engadget Show. He had a surprise: a prototype Windows Phone 7 Series by LG. The LG phone had a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, dedicated real buttons for camera, volume, power and the required back, home, search buttons. The LG prototype also had a 5MP camera with flash on the back. Source: Engadget

Nexus One: CDMA

A CDMA version of the Nexus One is coming, soon. That means Verizon Wireles but it also means South Korea and Japan. Android has 27% share of smartphone OSes in North America in Q4’09 but very little elsewhere (largest in Western Europe with 8%) in the world according to AdMob (via Geek). In Asia the fight is between iPhone OS (27%) and Symbian (69%). With a CDMA version of the Nexus One, it will be interesting to see what happens in Asia especially in South Korea and Japan. Source: jkOnTheRun

RAW Shootin’ Smartphones

OmniVision’s latest is a 1/4-inch 5MP image sensor that has bigger photosensors, works well in low ambient light environments, and can shoot 720/60p or 1080/30p HD video. It can even capture photos in 10-bit RAW format. Ooh. Mass production for the 1.4-micron OmniBSI backside illuminated OV5647 image sensor is slated for July. And the next iPhone should be announced around June or July of this year. If the next generation iPhone or any other smartphone ends up with this OmniVision image sensor compact digital cameras will be in serious trouble. Source: OmniVision via PR Newswire, Wired