Acer GD235HZ: 23.6-inch 3D LCD Monitor

The only thing 3D about the GD235HZ LCD monitor from Acer is that the frequency is doubled from 60Hz to 120Hz. The 23.6-inch monitor works with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision active-shutter system (that’s $200 extra). The pixel format on the GD235HZ is 1920 x 1080, as expected. The price is a very hefty $399. Since any DLP TV works with 3D Vision (NVIDIA’s hardware requirements), you may want to consider a display that’s a lot bigger: Samsung’s HL-S5086W, which was the cheapest DLP TV I could find on Amazon. The HL-S5086W is a 50-inch 720p DLP TV for just $599.99 (Amazon link). It is more than twice as large for not a whole lot more. Sure it’s 720p but most folks won’t be able tell the difference and even though the GD235HZ is running at 120Hz I would hazard to guess that the DLP will exhibit less motion blur. Source: Engadget