Mac Corners Premium Market

NPD shows 90% of computers priced ≥US$1000 in Q4’09 were Macs. This could be taken either way. If a lot of brands have a lot of models competing in the ≥$1000 market segment, then certainly kudos to Apple for doing a fantastic job. But, if there are few brands and even fewer models in that price spectrum this isn’t terribly good news for Apple. Expensive computers as a whole might be shrinking compared to the overall market. I would like to see revenue and unit shipment numbers to make sure.

Another variable to consider is that NPD’s data do not include CostCo, Sam’s Club, Walmart, etc. where there is a lot of demand for inexpensive PCs. NPD does internally estimate for the entire market but my guess would be that more and more cash-strapped consumers flocked to these discount stores for deals on affordable PCs. I’m not an economist but I don’t think our economy will be roaring any time soon so the popularity of ≤$1000 PCs will continue to grow. That, of course, does not mean Apple will not grow with the overall market. If the latest quarterly results are any indication Apple is executing quite well on all cylinders. Consider that the newly-announced iPad starts at $499 and tops out at $829. There is also the white MacBook that starts at $999 and the Mac mini at $599. Apple seems well poised to compete in the ≤$1000 market too. Source: Betanews via MacRumors