Fusion Garage JooJoo

Engadget: According to Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishna, JooJoo has entered mass production. The 12-inch tablet will be manufactured by Malaysia-based CSL Group. Expect the JooJoo to be available this month. JooJoo will support Flash at launch and Flash 10.1 when released. YouTube HD is supported via a separate plugin that accelerates video using the GPU.

What is powering the JooJoo is unknown but it will need to be powerful in conjunction with a stable OS and a solid browser to run Flash without slowing down or crashing. If the experience of more-than-a-few Chrome and Safari users are any indication Flash will disappoint by crashing the browser. The focus on native support of Flash on the JooJoo is interesting as there seems to be a growing concerted effort to develop non-Flash-based video playback using open standards such as HTML5 (see SublimeVideo HTML5 Video Player and YouTube’s Flash-free HTML Video Player Beta). Unless Fusion Garage figured out a way to keep the JooJoo stable for long periods of time when running Flash, the experience on the JooJoo might be less than expected.