NPD E-Reader Survey: 93% Happy

NPD Group surveyed more than 1000 e-reader owners and asked them how satisfied they were. The result? 93% were “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied”. Only 2% “expressed any level of dissatisfaction.” 60% considered wireless access to the favorite feature; 23% considered the touch feature to be the favorite. And only 34% wanted color screens. This survey was conducted in November 2009. Before the introduction of Apple’s iPad.

Of course e-reader users will generally be happy! There were no other options. All the other “options” had basically the same black and white display using E Ink or E Ink-like displays. Soon, there will be another dramatically different option: the iPad. When the iPad starts shipping I assure you those happy e-reader owners will be thinking it’s greener on the other side. Source: NPD via PC World, Engadget