Apple iPhone #3 in 2009

According to IDC’s Apple shipped an estimated 25.1 million iPhones in 2009, a significant increase from 13.8 million in 2008. In the last calendar quarter of 2009 Apple sold a record 8.7 million iPhones. In 2009 Apple’s share of the “Worldwide Converged Mobile Device Market” was 14.4% in the #3 spot. That’s quite a bit of growth from 9.1% in 2008.

Research In Motion (RIM) also experienced substantial growth and took 19.6% market share solidifying its #2 position (was 15.6% in 2008). The top dog was Nokia with 38.9% of worldwide unit shipments in 2009 (was 40.0% in 2008), shipping 67.7 million total handsets.

But success isn’t solely based on how many devices a company ships. More importantly, success depends on how much profit the company generates from participating in this business. For tables with more brands and numbers hop on over to AppleInsider.