Movist: Mac Video Player

Federico Viticci in Movist: The Real Alternative to VLC for Mac:

Where Movist really outstands the competition is in file support. It’s the only app that played my .mkv files perfectly, even when VLC was crashing. Not to talk about .mp4 and .avi support, pretty obvious. Moreover, Movist plays .wmw files faster than Quicktime, and you can also switch from FFmpeg to Quicktime playback with a single click on a toolbar button. Awesome.

I’m not sure if Movist is really that awesome. I wanted to check this new video player for myself. Upon download I ran it and opened an .avi file created from a Canon SD1000. I tried to open a few on Movist and all crashed after spinning the ball a bit. QuickTime Player version 10.0 (90.3.1) opened and played the same .avi files without a hitch and very quickly I might add. I mostly have just three types of video files I need to play back: .mov, .mp4, .avi. If you need movie files in other formats (e.g. .wmv) to run you might want to consider Movist, but crashing with .avi files is problematic to me. via Daring Fireball