LG EX235

The EX235 is a 23-inch LED-backlit LCD monitor with a thickness of just 17.5 mm (about 0.69 inches). That is definitely very thin but I wonder if the thinness is very useful as I have not seen many mounted on walls. Power consumption is 40% less compared to regular LCD monitors using CCFL backlights. Certainly we can all benefit from less power consumption. LG benefits as well with smaller packaging material and being able to ship more per container. I assume the pixel format is 1920×1080 for the EX235. A relatively fast 5-ms response time is stated. The EX235 ($360) as well as the smaller EX205 (20-inch, $270) and EX225 (21.5-inch, $300) LCD monitors will soon be available in South Korea and North America. Source: Prad