Review: Black ColcaSac

Located below the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah, ColcaSac makes simple and lightweight sleeves for a variety of gadgets. I have been looking for a sleeve for my 17-inch unibody MacBook Pro for a while and came across ColcaSac because of its unique design and the use of natural materials such as canvas made of hemp, a strong natural fiber.

I received a Black ColcaSac for my 17-inch unibody MacBook Pro a while back. My father and wife have trained me well over the years: to find quality clothing, flip it inside out and closely inspect the quality of the sewing. So that’s what I did. The first sleeve that was sent had a few imperfections: lots of black hemp debris in the polyester fleece and uneven sewing workmanship. I contacted ColcaSac and the company immediately sent another one. Just a few days later, a new one arrived and this time the Black ColcaSac was almost perfect: sewing was straight and even, and there was just a tiny bit of debris inside. ColcaSac offers a 30 day replacement, repair, or refund. Just send it back to the company if you’re not satisfied. Solid customer service is one of many indicators that you are working with a company that is focused on providing exceptional products and services; ColcaSac impressed me in this regard.

I have been using the sleeve for quite some time and it instills confidence whenever I put my MacBook Pro in it. The Black ColcaSac is very light and the polyester fleece lining is soft and does not scratch the aluminum surface. There is a pouch on the front, but I would limit the use of it for very small and thin objects like a few business cards or a CD. The pouch is unprotected and putting in something bulky the nice-looking sleeve becomes less nice-looking; I usually put the power brick in a pocket inside my backpack. I can put to rest my search for the perfect sleeve for my MacBook Pro with the Black ColcaSac*. The Black ColcaSac is priced at a reasonable US$33 at I want to thank Jared R. and Steve M. for the opportunity to test and review the Black ColcaSac.

* The Black ColcaSac is definitely my top choice when I’m taking my MacBook Pro outside, when it isn’t raining. I’m still in search for a waterproof sleeve. Let me know if you know of any that’s lightweight, simple, and if possible uses natural materials.