Nokia Symbian^3

Symbian^3 from Nokia is the company’s next-generation smartphone OS. The three main goals for the first half of 2010:

  • UI Simpler: Simple, fast and beautiful.
  • 3X Performance: Higher performance, better configurations.
  • Multi Touch with Gestures: Multi-touch and capacitive displays.

That’s great and all, but I don’t think Nokia gets it. If you think about the three goals for Symbian^3 they are simply features. Improving features is too small a goal. A simpler UI? Better yet, how about a UI that is precisely tuned to the underlying capabilities of the OS and hardware coupled with a deep understanding of how Nokia expects the device to be used?

What does “3X Performance” mean? A really fast CPU? Again, that’s just too limited. Whatever the CPU it needs to be tuned to work with the OS and UI. When the goals for the OS and UI gets ahead of CPU capabilities you end up with a terrible user experience: great eye-candy but it lags because the CPU can’t keep up. Under-utilizing the CPU is also a problem, of waste. And then the third component: Multi Touch with Gestures. This should simply be a standard feature for all future smartphones.

Nokia doesn’t get it. The next-generation smartphones from Nokia are based on improving features. And if that is truly the case Nokia is missing what is really important: working toward building smartphones that provide an exceptional experience. To do that you have to go beyond improving features to making sure that everything, and I mean everything, works seamlessly together coupled with a vision of how a particular device will be used based on the reality of human factors. Source: Nokia Blog via Tom’s Guide and Engadget