New York Times: iPad Commotion

Would you pay $30 per month for the iPad edition of the New York Times? The New York Times’ print die-hards are afraid that if you get the same thing on the iPad as on printed paper, you’ll cancel the printed version. So they want to charge $30 for the iPad version. Crackbrained.

But, they shouldn’t be afraid since anyone who is still subscribing to the printed version will most likely not even know what the iPad is. But let’s say the iPad accelerates the death of the printed version. I think that’ll be good for the New York Times as it will force the paper to fully embrace its digital future. If a printed paper is so important, add a print feature on the iPad app so anyone can get a custom printed version in the mail for $5 or so, and give it to the print side of the company to make them happy. Source: Valleywag via Daring Fireball