Samsung SNE-60K: A Slider

SLIDER: There are slider mobile phones where the keypad slides in and out. The reasons are to reduce the length of the device and simplify the front face to just the minimum number of buttons that most people use. I guess it isn’t surprising to see this on an e-book reader: Samsung’s SNE-60K. In addition to the slider design the 6-inch E Ink-based e-book reader sports touch capabilities and handwriting recognition. Unfortunately there isn’t a QWERTY keyboard, just a d-pad with a few additional buttons. Other specs: WiFi, Bluetooth, MP3 playback. Might as well go all the way: I think it would be interesting to have a touch-typable full QWERTY keyboard slide down when in landscape mode. But, my preference is a single button without anything sliding.

DIRTH & IPAD: Samsung teamed up with Kyobo Moongo (“Kyobo Book Center”) the largest brick-and-mortar bookstore in South Korea. Samsung’s e-book reader can access Kyobo’s digital library via the online store that is pre-installed with access to about 65,000 e-book titles. The number of e-book titles are small due to widespread skepticism about e-books by many authors because of the potential for piracy. It is interesting that Samsung is already in a defensive posture in light of Apple’s iPad. We can assume the iPad will be coming to South Korea in the near future. I wonder who Apple will be working with. Price for the SNE-60K is KRW429,000 (about US$375). Source: Korea Herald via E-Reader-info, Engadget