LG: No Homegrown Smartphone OS

During Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2010, LG’s Skott Ahn, head of the company’s handset unit, shared that it will not be developing its own smartphone platform, at least not for the next two to three years. Samsung, LG’s cross-town rival in South Korea, has gone the other way and developed its Bada (means ocean in Korean) smartphone OS. In the competitive sea of smartphone OSes the move by Samsung can be seen as not-so-smart and just greedy. We have six main smartphone OSes at the moment: Apple’s iPhone OS, Nokia & Intel’s MeeGo, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series, Google’s Android, RIM’s BlackBerry and Palm’s webOS.

Even with a long history of developing portable electronics and a fantastic smartphone OS, Palm is struggling to keep up with the competition. I think LG has made a wise decision to concentrate on what it is better at: hardware. LG will be focusing on developing Android and Windows Phone 7 Series smartphones. The company also expects the smartphone market to standardize into just three OSes in the next couple of years. Source: Fierce Wireless via phoneArena, Engadget