Modistech: Flexible OLED Lighting

Modistech claims to be the only company that is developing flexible OLED surface lighting in South Korea. The aim of the company is to develop a “paper-like, fabric-like and film-like” flexible OLED panel for surface lighting. White, orange and red colors are being optimized for commercialization into the desk lamp and automotive markets. OLED lighting is softer than LED lighting, produces color that is close to natural color, has less glare leading to less eye fatigue.

Modistech is minimizing the number of substrate processes, making use of roll-to-roll deposition, and incorporates a company-developed encapsulation material to reduce manufacturing costs to just 10% of glass-based OLEDs. A 150x150mm flexible OLED panel for indirect lighting is scheduled for commercialization in 2010. It looks like a white OLED lighting panel can also be used as a light source for the backlight in LCDs. Source: OLEDNET