T-Mobile Pulse Mini

The Pulse Mini by T-Mobile is a smaller and cuter Pulse. The Android smartphone is smaller but it still packs quite a punch. The Pulse Mini is manufactured by Huawei and runs Android 2.1, sports a 2.8-inch touch display with a 320×240 pixel format and is powered by Qualcomm’s MSM7225 CPU. The number of pixels on the rather smallish display is on the low side so if you’re addicted to texting make sure you have hands that are smaller than average.

The Pulse Mini will be available in April in the UK and Germany. I have been told that mobile users in Europe like to go unlocked and prepaid and that’s exactly what the Pulse Mini is. The contract-free price in the UK is £99.99 (about US$155).

I am not sure why there continues to be a preference for soft, or touch, buttons. I actually loath them because they are not accurate enough. I would much prefer physical buttons. If those touch buttons were pushed below to where the other buttons are the display could have been made a bit bigger. And do we really need such a big round thingamajiggy on such a cute smartphone? Source: T-Mobile