Titanium iPhone

Engadget reports an iPhone with the plastic back replaced with something a bit more high-end: titanium. This beautiful mod was created by Martin Schrotz using a CAD program and a titanium alloy that allows free movement of RF waves in and out of the material, unlike the restrictive titanium used in the Titanium PowerBook G4. The titanium back is tastefully done and makes the cutouts for the buttons, SIM card holder, earphones, etc. more engineered, in a very good way. It might be just the photo, but the brushed bezel looks more high-tech than the current shiny version, too. Maybe Martin can fashion a titanium bezel as well! The one thing that might become a problem: the vibrate rocker sticks out too much and could possibly be a detriment to sliding out the iPhone from your jean pocket. One other thing: the Apple log on the back looks a bit too large. But overall, there isn’t much to complain about. Martin’s mod is pure high-tech beauty.