Nintendo DSi XL: Dual Screen e-Book Reader

Chris Kohler, Wired:

The larger screen isn’t just some frivolous purchase — it’s completely awesome.

The Nintendo DSi XL is the largest DS: it has two 4.2-inch resistive touch LCDs and when folded is about the size of a paperback. The displays are about double the size of regular DSes. Nintendo is aiming to take a bite out of the e-book pie with the DSi XL, but not too big of a bite. Cammie Dunaway, executive vice president of sales and marketing for North America:

It’s not really about trying to take on the e-book market. It’s just one more way to enjoy your device.

Although others have shown dual-screen e-book readers, Nintendo is the only company with a strong-enough brand to have an impact on the market. The company has sold 130 million DSes, including the DSi and DS Lite versions. Just like the saying goes with cameras (“The best camera is the one that’s with you.”) I think the best e-book reader will be the one that’s with you. Interestingly enough the best camera and the best e-book reader might end up being your smartphone.

Bloomberg reported that an e-book cartridge titled “100 Classic Books” with 100 public domain books will be available for the DSi XL on June 14 for US$19.99. The DSi XL will be launched on March 28 for US$189.99. March seems to be the month for launching gadgets with e-book reading capabilities this year.