North America Web Consumption: OS X Growing

Quantcast, a web statistics company, announced January results: 86.8% of web consumption is via Windows; just 10.9% is by OS X. Sounds like your regular market share story with Windows dominating, but dig a little and you get a different story.

OS X grew 7.0% M/M, 5.2% Q/Q and 29.4% Y/Y in January 2010. Windows, on the other hand, declined 0.9% M/M, 0.9% Q/Q and 3.8% Y/Y. Qauntcast noted the strong holiday season for Apple  as one of the reasons why the company’s operating system experienced growth in January.

I hope Apple continues to do well but I don’t want Apple to become too successful. I don’t want Apple to get so big that it loses focus, on beautiful hardware design, intuitive operating systems, on systems that simply work. Source: AppleInsider