Cheap LCD TVs for China: Single-Sided Edge-Lit LED BLU

Regular LCD TVs with edge-lit LED backlights have a strip of LEDs on all four sides. Slightly cheaper versions have just two strips. Now, to get these LED backlit LCD TVs even cheaper, new designs are using just a single strip of LEDs. Lower prices are absolutely critical if you are playing the LCD TV game in China. Single-sided edge-lit LED backlight units (BLUs) for 32-inch LCD TV applications will be US$35 cheaper compared to multiple-sided versions. Coretronics, a Taiwan-based backlight unit (BLU) manufacturer, is able to produce single-sided edge-lit LED BLUs for up to 46-inch LCD TVs.

My guess is that LCD TVs with single-sided edge-lit LED backlights won’t necessarily be better than those with CCFL backlights in terms of brightness uniformity. Of course LEDs have a major non-performance benefit over CCFL: they do not contain mercury, which is a carcinogen. Source: DIGITIMES