Edward Tufte on Windows Phone 7 Series

Edward Tufte writes in Windows Phone 7 Series (WP7S) interface design:

Compared to the IPhone, most of the WP7S organizing screens have considerably lower content resolution, which violates flatness and leads to hierarchical stacking and temporal sequencing of screens. In day-to-day use, maybe the panorama screens will solve the stacking/sequencing problem, or maybe they will just clutter up the flow of information. Of course Microsoft’s customers are already familiar with deep layerings and complex hierarchies.

Though simple-looking WP7S maybe still too complex. Will Kendall on negative space:

One of the first things that struck me during the reveal of WP7S was how ‘uncomfortable’ the home screen looked. Why would the designers create so much negative space on the right and top of the home screen?

Edward Tufte on negative space:

On a small handheld device, screen real estate is extremely valuable. So the content-free big black band on the right margin is a puzzling waste of space, resulting in a 20% downgrade in screen resolution.

Negative space is bad and WP7S has a lot of it.