BlackBerry Slider

I’ve always been a sucker for sliders ever since The Matrix (Amazon link) made them so cool. The Nokia 8110 was used in the movie and the cover slid down to reveal all the controls at the click of a button; you slide it back up to end the call. For screen grabs check That Damn Matrix Phone.

The BlackBerry slider does seem to be a slider but the more modern kind: you slide the display up. And when you do a full QWERTY keyboard is revealed. Just like a Palm Pre, but with more industrial feel, probably. Hopefully.

The largish touch display is rumored to sport a pixel format of 480×360, a bit better than the 480×320 on the iPhone. Another rumor is that this slider will sport BlackBerry OS 6.0. I hope the squarish-pad is gone in the final version. Source: BlackBerry Leaks via CrackBerry