Jobs, Ive on iPad

iPad has missing features. Jonathan Ive’s response:

In many ways, it’s the things that are not there that we are most proud of. For us, it is all about refining and refining until it seems like there’s nothing between the user and the content they are interacting with.

iPad will be copied by others. Ive’s reply:

It’s not for us to predict what others will do. We have to concentrate on what we think is right and offer it up.

Perfection, but an eminently usable perfection, by Ive:

If it works beautifully, it should also work robustly. It’s made for people to chuck onto the car seat and thrust into luggage without thinking. It’s not to be delicate with.

Here’s Steve Jobs on iPad:

I think the experience of using an iPad is going to be profound for many people. I really do. Genuinely profound. When people see how immersive the experience is, how directly you engage with it … the only word is magical.

Stephen Fry, the editor of The iPad Launch: Can Steve Jobs Do It Again?:

I was not prepared, though, for how instant the relationship I formed with the device would be. I left Cupertino without an iPad, but I have since gotten my own, and it goes with me everywhere.

Oh! The Winnie the Pooh iBook is bundled with every iPad. Yay!