Display News 2010.04.16

Asus 17-inch 3D Notebook: Asustek’s 17-inch 3D notebook PC will launch in Q3’10. Chimei Innolux Corporation (CMI), LG Display (LGD) and Samsung are competing for the opportunity to supply 3D panels for the project. This goes without saying: Asustek’s decision will be based on the quality of the 3D displays. I sure hope so since the only thing that matters on a 3D display is the quality of the 3D effects. Another display manufacturer, Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) is a major supplier of 3D LCD panels for notebook PC applications and I’m willing to bet CPT also wants a part of the action.

Worldwide PC Shipments Up 27.4% Y/Y in Q1’10: Worldwide PC shipments increased 27.4% Y/Y to 84.3 million units in Q1’10 according to preliminary results by Gartner. The market research firm expected growth in Q1’10 to be 22%. What happened? A robust recovery, in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. On the other hand, US and Latin America came in at slightly lower than expected. Gartner pointed to a gradual pick up of the professional PC market, PC replacements in mature markets, relatively positive macroeconomic outlook, and demand driven by Windows 7. HP, Acer and Dell were the top three PC vendors worldwide in Q1’10.

Apple Needs Time to Ramp iPad Production: Apple has delayed the international release of its iPad. The company cited higher-than-expected demand for the iPad than expected. That would be code word for: we need more time to ramp production, including LG Display (LGD) who is the sole supplier of the marvelous 9.7-inch IPS LCD panel. The custom Apple-designed A4 CPU would also require some additional time to ramp to meet demand on a worldwide basis.

Palm’s Michael Abbott Leaves: Abbott, SVP of software and services, is largely responsible for the webOS mobile operating system, and the Mojo and Ares SDKs. Palm will lose him as of April 23rd. Stock packages and US$250,000 cash incentives convinced Jeff Devine, SVP of global operations, and Doug Jeffries, CFO, to continue working at Palm. The person who had the most input in developing a completely new mobile operating system is leaving. In some areas webOS is more advanced than even the mighty iPhone OS and without doubt more fine-tuned than Android. This is a huge loss on the part of Palm. It is most unfortunate because I think the Palm Pre Plus is marvelous with a real workable keyboard (Motorola’s Droid could have used some of that expertise), a mobile hotspot (allows five WiFi connections and is free from Verizon), a great price (just one cent at Amazon), and a very solid combination of great hardware and software. Where did Palm go wrong? I think the simple answer is that Palm wanted to be like Apple and control the entire hardware, OS and software but did not have the support of a money-generating machine like iTunes. I think it would be a great move for Motorola, LG or HTC to take a close look at integrating Palm into its fold.

Sprint 4G Case for iPad and Overdrive: This is an interesting move by Sprint. The 4G Case by Sprint is to carry both the iPad and the company’s Overdrive mobile hotspot. There is a pocket where you slide in the Overdrive, which connects to Sprint’s 4G network that is 10x faster than 3G according to Sprint. That is if you have 4G at all. I live in San Jose, California. There is no 4G in San Jose, let alone in the entire state of California at the moment. The irony is the iPad’s popularity is probably the strongest in California.

Dell Streak Tablets in 7-inch and 10-inch Sizes: Dell will be entering the tablet game with its Streak slate tablets, which look remarkably similar to Apple’s iPad with a fairly thick black bezel and a glossy cover glass. The only thing that ruins the external design is the Dell logo. Oh, these have not been officially announced by Dell yet.

HP Mini 5102 Review by Engadget: The Mini 5102 sports a capacitive multitouch 10.1-inch matte LCD with a 1024×600 pixel format. Here’s the final word:

We love a lot of things about this business and education aimed laptop, but not enough to spend $668 on the configuration we were given. Heck, at that price we’d pick up an entry-level ProBook that has a similar chassis, but way more powerful processor options.