iPhone HD: Pictures

FLAT BACK: Thank goodness, I won’t have to deal with the iPhone wobbling on the table when trying to do something. I liked the flat back on the original iPhone; I’m glad Apple’s bringing it back. And the back seems to be black and shiny, like the front. FRONT-FACING CAMERA: If true, video phone calls will become a reality. All the better since you shouldn’t be putting the phone next to your cranium for long conversations. With Skype in the background domestic and international video calls will be free and really wonderful. Video conferencing goes mobile. This would be another reason why the person on the other end would be compelled to purchase an iPhone HD. 80GB STORAGE: Now this is strange, but the interesting thing is that Intel’s SSD offerings are in increments of 40GB. So maybe we can see iPhone HDs in 40GB and 80GB. Intel’s SSDs are known for speed so maybe we can see iPhone HD’s performance increase too. And if the iPhone HD can capture HD video you’d want a much larger storage option. Source: Engadget

UPDATE 2010.04.18: Applesfera claims this device is a fake from Japan. The counterfeiter sure did a great job. Does it run iPhone OS 4.0? If so, I might just have to get one… via MacRumors

ANOTHER UPDATE 2010.04.18: Go to Engadget and look at the picture the right arrow is pointing to. Look very carefully. Yes, that’s the iPhone HD (or 4G). It uses MicroSIM cards, like the iPad.