TextEdit vs. OmmWriter

When I first learned of OmmWriter late last year I was very excited. Finally, there was a way to focus on writing without all the distractions. OmmWriter takes over the entire screen and lets you write. There are simple icon-based “menus” that disappear when you start typing. Soothing music can be played in the background. I like the idea but there was just one thing. Once installed, OmmWriter takes up around 63.5 MB. That certainly isn’t very large when compared to Pages or Word, but I make it a habit to minimize resource usages on my Mac. I also try to limit the number of apps installed on my system. “What could be an alternative to OmmWriter?” I asked. I searched through Google and found a few but I was not satisfied. Then it hit me: the built in text editor called TextEdit. I changed the default font to Heofler Text, minimized all other applications and there I was. Just me a a blank canvas (menus can still be seen). I didn’t have to install additional software and TextEdit takes up just 16.3 MB (a bit more than I thought, but still considerably less than OmmWriter). This only works, in that it provides an environment similar to OmmWriter, because I use a simple gray background with absolutely no icons on my desktop. OmmWriter (www.ommwriter.com) is certainly a very well-designed app and is worth a try, but TextEdit is less and to me less is more.