HP Slate Review

Conecti.ca has posted a mini review of HP’s Slate. The conclusion:

The official verdict is meh.

HP’s Slate is a Windows 7-based tablet that can run anything that a regular PC can. And therein lies the problem: it is slow. Imagine running Flash on a non-GPU-accelerated netbook. Conecti.ca even thinks it is “annoying.” Engadget also thinks the Slate looks “chuncky” in the photos but digs the dock. I personally don’t mind rugged high-tech gadgets but rugged-looking without the ruggedness… that doesn’t do it for me. The Slate does look a bit thick and that’s going to hurt since its main competition is the iPad, which is very thin and extremely fast. But there are two very important things the Slate has going for it: you can run millions of Windows apps and you can multitask.