iPhone HD: More Details

I’m sticking with iPhone HD. One major reason is that 4G will not be available on the AT&T network by the time the next generation iPhone rolls out in June. As far as I can tell AT&T will be field testing late this year with a rollout in 2011 (via iPhone Alley). I would peg an iPhone 4G to be released in 2012 after the iPhone HD. If I had it my way, I would get rid of all of these suffixes: the iPhone would be just iPhone, just like a MacBook Pro is a MacBook Pro. So what are some the juicy details of the iPhone HD? It is thinner than the 3GS. There is a flash on the back. The display is slightly smaller but has more pixels. There is a second microphone for noise cancellation. It is slightly heavier than the 3GS, by three grams according to Gizmodo. Has a larger battery inside (16% larger than the 3GS). Looks pretty solid. There’s even a crappy video of it.