Sharp Quattron

Techradar regarding the Sharp Quattron LC-46LE821E:

The set’s colour response… is utterly spectacular.

QUAD PIXEL: Sharp’s Quattron is the first LCD TV to use Quad Pixel technology that makes use of color filters using four colors instead of just three. The four colors are Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. It has taken Sharp four years to develop its Quad Pixel technology. The size of each sub-pixel has been reduced by 25% to add the fourth yellow sub-pixel to enable a 1920×1080 pixel format for 40-inch and larger LCD TVs. Sharp claims 20% higher brightness thanks to the yellow sub-pixel’s higher light transmittance and lower power consumption. With the addition of yellow the color gamut is also improved generating colors that are more accurate.

EDGE-LIT LED: Thanks to the edge-lit LED backlighting the Quattron LCD TVs are very slim. Picture quality deteriorates when you move backlighting from the back to the edges. One primary reason is due to the lack of local dimming technologies. Hopefully Sharp can develop a direct-lit LED backlighting system that allows for local dimming technologies while keeping the overall LCD TVs just as slim. Techradar did find the LC-46LE821E (mid-level 46-inch) struggling to generate deep blacks.

MODELS: There are three levels of Quattron: LE921E (top), LE821E (middle), LE811E (bottom). The top-end LE921E series sports a 200Hz frequency, DLNA compatibility, DVR, a flat-front design and comes in three sizes (40-inch LC-40LE921E, 46-inch LC-46LE921E, 60-inch LC-60LE921E). The mid-end comes in two sizes (40-inch LC-40LE821E, 46-inch LC-46LE821E) and two sizes for the low-end series (40-inch LC-40LE821E, 46-inch LC-46LE821E). The low-end lacks DLNA, DVR, and does not sport the flat-front design.