Craig Mod: Embracing the digital book

Craig Mod in Embracing the digital book:

… iBooks and are incompetent e-readers. They get in the way of the reading experience and teach digital books like poorly typeset PDFs.

iBooks’ specific distraction:

Instead of allowing the text to breathe, iBooks jams the readers’ field of view with the detritus of a 3D ‘book.’

Oliver Reichenstein at iA Inc. regarding iBooks’ general metaphor in Designing for iPad: Reality Check:

Having the same static thick paper stacks left and right in your e-reader application, on the first as well as on the last page is not just visually wrong, is also confusing; it feels wrong and it is wrong. It’s kitsch.

I did seem weird that there were ‘pages’ behind the very last or before the very first page. If the ‘thickness’ of these pages changed based on where I was in the iBook then it would make sense. A full screen mode would be appreciated where the ‘iPad’ text, the time and battery level indicator, ‘pages’ and animations all disappear.

I find the ability to change fonts and sizes in iBooks to be a strange idea. This option takes away from a completed work. In terms of font size, if it is too small in two-page mode (landscape) then that’s what single-page mode (portrait) is for.

The areas that need to be improved, according to Craig Mod: Hyphenation, Ragged Right Text, Smarter Margins, Copy and Paste. Hop on over to Craig Mod for the entire enlightening article.