Debranded 23-inch HP 1080p LCD Monitor

I have written about the TS-24W8h, which was a debranded HP w2408h (read TS Series Display TS-24W8h: Refurbished 24″ LCD Monitor) and the display was flawless. Now comes a review of a slightly smaller 23-inch version for just $160. From Bona Fide Reviews:

For the price this ‘de-branded’ monitor is a good one truly. It works great and the colors are near perfect.

A smart way to save money on computer-related gear is to purchase refurbished or, as is the case with this 23-inch HP LCD monitor, de-branded versions. Whatever was going to go wrong already did and the company fixed it for you. For that, you get to pay less. That sounds like a great deal to me.