ABC: 3G-Compatible iPad App On The Way

I have thought the iPad would mostly be used in places or situations where there is almost always a WiFi connections: cafes, libraries, at home, etc. And it is at those places where you would want to read a book, surf the net or watch TV. I also thought because of those reasons the WiFi version of the iPad would be the dominant seller. I guess I was only half right.

ABC’s current iPad app only works connected to WiFi and the company is prepping a version that will work over 3G. Possible places where you would want to watch TV on your iPad over a 3G connection: bus, train, WiFi-less cafes, libraries and homes. These reasons and probably the convenience of an always-connected iPad led to over one million iPads being sold in just under a month. Source: SAI

Update: The 3G-enabled ABC iPad app is already available for download at the App Store. That was quite fast.