Verizon Palm Pre Plus Just $29.99

The price of just $29.99 for a Palm Pre Plus with unlimited personal hotspot service that gets you a MiFi-like experience is quite tempting. But bear in mind you’re not going to come out of a Verizon store with a Palm Pre Plus after spending anything close to $29.99. I live in California so the sales tax is an absurd 9.25%. But in the case of the Pre Plus that doesn’t mean 9.25% of $29.99. Oh no. The amazingly convoluted tax code in California (as well as the rest of the US) taxes you on the full retail price for mobile phone sales with a contract. Isn’t that beautiful. The full retail price is $599.99 so that means the tax you’ll be paying is $65.55. The total out-the-door cost of a $29.99 Palm Pre from Verizon will be $95.54. I wonder if there are any other products or services where you pay taxes from the full retail price even when discounted. Sales tax based on the full retail price even when discounted sounds fishy to me. Source: Verizon