iPad Will Eventually Replace Your MacBook

Redmond Pie: Sooner or later the iPad will replace your MacBook. You can already use an external keyboard with the iPad. The only thing missing was the mouse. Well, using the BTstack application on a jailbroken iPad will get your Magic Mouse connected to the iPad. There is a bit of lag, but I’m guessing we aren’t too far off from a near-perfect implementation. And in the fall, courtesy of Apple, the iPad will be getting multitasking abilities via iPhone OS 4.0. With the iPad you even get a better display (plus multitouch) than any MacBook currently available.

Maxwell C. Shay: Oh, and you can also connect an external hard drive to the iPad via the Camera Connection Kit.

There’s more: the ClamCase. It is a combination of three things: a Bluetooth keyboard, a case and a stand. It is CGI-only at the moment but if all goes well should be shipping in Fall 2010.

Just in via MacRumors: Printing for the iPad will come.