Sony NEX-5 Preview

DPReview has a nice preview of Sony’s new APS-C sensor-based NEX-5. I had high expectations for the new NEX platform by Sony and was inching toward a possible purchase decision. Unfortunately, after reading through the preview it seems the NEX in its current form is not what I desire in a premium compact DSLR. My biggest gripe is that the NEX system does not allow the intricate bonding between photographer and camera. The NEX is not a photographer’s precision tool; instead it seems much more like a toy. The dearth of buttons may look like the result of minimalist design principles but it is not; it is the result of overly complex menu and help systems embedded into the one-axis articulating display. At every point the NEX holds your hand and offers guides to make use of all available tools such as “Bkground Defocus”. Although helpful at first this type of system almost always hinders the photographer who wants to move on and take control. I hope there is a way to shut off all the hand-holding. The NEX has all the hardware for serious photography but the software is geared for eternal beginners. Give me control to raw digital photographic power in a compact size with an APS-C or larger image sensor and I’ll give you my wallet.