Andy Rubin: I Just Don’t Want To Live In North Korea

When they can’t have something, people do care. Look at the way politics work. I just don’t want to live in North Korea.

This is in response to a question asking Google’s Andy Rubin, a VP for Engineering, whether consumers actually care if their mobile phone software is open or not. Maybe Rubin had a brain fart but I don’t get the connection. I personally don’t give a rip whether or not a mobile phone software is open or not. I’m going to pay for what I think I need or want. If I don’t want it or need it then I’m not going to pay for it. Do I think the iPhone is perfect? No. Will I pay for it? Probably, for the one coming out in June. Do I think Android phones are perfect? Far from. Will I pay for it? No. It’s about choice, not politics. There are so many things that I can’t have, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to get all political about it. @Rubin: Please stick to the topic of engineering at Google. Source: The New York Times