Samsung P580: 15.6-inch Business Notebook

The P580 business notebook from Samsung sports a 15.6-inch matte LCD with a 1366×768 pixel format, which is a 16:9 aspect ratio. That’s peculiar. Why would a business-oriented notebook need a decidedly consumer aspect ratio of 16:9? Business customers definitely do not need this. A more appropriate wide aspect ratio for a business notebook would be 16:10 that gives more vertical room to work on documents, slides, spreadsheets, etc. And then there’s another thing.

I think we are on the verge of resolution-independent operating systems (read “Resolution Independence“) that can take advantage of extremely high-resolution displays. And when I say resolution I mean Pixels Per Inch (PPI). With a high-PPI display we can have text and images that look about as good as those found in magazines. The P580 boasts a 100.45 PPI resolution, which is quite average, for notebook LCDs from a few years back. Today the average seems to be 110PPI or above. To get there the pixel format in a 16:9 aspect ratio should be at least 1600×900, but with a more appropriate 16:10 aspect ratio the pixel format would be 1680×1050 with a 127PPI resolution.

And then what’s with the offset keyboard? Do we really need a separate numeric keypad? Source: Engadget