Windows Phone 7: Near-Final Screenshots

Not surprisingly, aside from the home screen and a few others, there seems to be a lot of black in the Windows Phone 7 near-final screenshots (source: Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows). I wonder if it was just the natural result of a text-oriented UI, or if it was strongly influenced by the type of display technology it will eventually be using. Where am I going with this… Well, as most of you know OLED displays consume less power compared to LCDs only when there’s a lot of black. In black areas the pixel is completely off on an OLED display and consumes almost no power. Not so in the case of LCDs as the backlight is always on*. If the Windows Phone 7 UI were to be mated to OLED display technology we could see battery life not just in terms of hours but potentially days.

* There is one recent exception to this: Pixel Qi’s 3qi display technology allows for completely turning off the backlight and getting to reflective mode resulting in significant power savings.