4G = Video Phone Calls

HTC’s EVO 4G demo running on Sprint shows video phone calls are right around the corner, a significant development since we can’t even get a decent voice call via 3G using Skype. With the up-coming iPhone that most likely will have a front-facing camera, video phone calls will hit the masses and hopefully AT&T won’t screw things up this time. Source: Engadget

By the way, Sprint will be selling the HTC EVO 4G on June 4 for US$199 with a new two-year contract. Before all discounts the full price is $450. You’ll also need to budget for an additional $10 Premium Data add-on (no data limit) in addition to the regular data plan. Unlike Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus where you get a 5-device mobile hotspot for free, the EVO 4G’s 8-device WiFi hotspot will be a stiff $29.99. Unlike Verizon and like AT&T simultaneous voice and data is possible.