White iPhone HD

MacRumors: Or white iPhone 4G. A user Seraphan from an Italian site iSpazio created a beautiful rendering of what a white iPhone HD might look like. I certainly hope the real iPhone HD looks like this rendering. As I have mentioned in previous posts I really dislike the cover glass that is used on iPhones (and iPad, MacBook/Pro, iPod touch) mostly because dust gets trapped between the cover glass and the LCD and there is nothing you can do about it (read Gorilla Makes Us Lazy). Maybe I can also hope for a fingerprint-resistant matte LCD. This render is beautiful.

Update 2010.05.23 17:33 PDT: via fonearena. Chinese site Apple.pro has a shot of what it claims is the next-generation iPhone in white. I’m not absolutely sure but it looks like the cover glass is there. But I’m digging the white.