D8 Conference Video Highlights: Steve Jobs

Flash: Technology has seasons. Flash is in its autumn. Apple does not have unlimited resources; Apple has to pick its technologies. And it picks technologies in their springs. So Apple has chosen HTML5. Makes perfect sense to me.

iPad: Two million iPads have been sold in two months and that tells me people don’t really care that the iPad doesn’t support Flash. Flash is only a really big deal to Adobe, it seems. Apple is trying to make GREAT products, according to Steve Jobs (I have no reason not to believe him), and the iPad has been selling at a rate of one per 3 seconds since launch. I’m guessing the iPad really is a great product.

Simplicity: I purchased a WiFi version of the iPad a couple of days after it launched. I played around with it for about two weeks and then I decided it wasn’t for me. The truth is the iPad no matter how great it is isn’t for everyone. But the iPad is great for those who do need what the iPad offers, which are a lot of great things. Looking back the thing I most appreciated about the iPad when I was using it was its simplicity. If only life was as simple… Source: AllThingsD (a bunch more videos at All Things Video)