Safari 5

There is a rumor that Safari 5 will be announced during WWDC 2010. One of the more interesting features of Safari 5 is Safari Reader. It seems some think this feature akin to Google Reader but I don’t think it is. Take a look at the text from French blog MacGeneration:

Safari Reader: Click on the new Reader icon to view articles on the web in a single, clutter-free page.

I have been using Readability for quite some time. Readability does exactly as described above: it strips all the crap from a webpage, formats it in a nice readable font (I think Georgia or something similar) and allows me to simply read. Readability has also strongly influenced the design of DisplayBlog. I think Safari Reader is something like or incredibly similar to Readability, and nothing like Google Reader. I’m glad this feature will be built into Safari.

In Apple’s continued battle with Google it is offering another search option: Bing. I’m sure Microsoft is happy and Google not so much.* I wonder if Spotlight’s desktop search capabilities can be extended to the web…

Hardware-accelerated graphics will be one of many other improvements. Personally I turn off the discrete graphics card because I hardly ever need the power. I’m just a blogger who deals with text and images most of the time with infrequent YouTube video embeds. And battery life is much more important to me, so is the fan-free silence. An option to disable this hardware acceleration in Safari 5 is a must.

*Just as a FYI, according to Safari commanded just 3.5% of browser usage in May. Limited to PC browser usage most likely. The latest from comScore shows Internet search conducted on Microsoft sites was 11.8% in April and Google’s share was 64.4%. The results are limited to the US. Adding Bing as a search option on Safari looks on paper to be a fairly important development but its potential impact on Internet search will probably be less so.