Hint of AT&T Losing iPhone Exclusivity

Starbucks has been providing free WiFi to those sporting an iPhone and/or subscribes to AT&T’s U-verse; others had to pay. The WiFi backend is provided by AT&T so I understand why AT&T would want to bless its own customers. The iPhone is AT&T’s best-selling anything so it would also benefit AT&T to pump up demand for the iPhone anyway it can. Free WiFi at Starbucks was a nice perk of owning an iPhone, and if you are a frequent Starbucks customer who likes to get online there the monthly $30 data fee on the iPhone is somewhat offset. Of course the price of the coffee would more than offset both. iPhone users were provided this perk undoubtedly thanks to Apple. But, on the first of July, that will change: Starbucks will begin offering free WiFi to everyone (source Twitter). I wonder what AT&T is up to… or maybe the better question is: what is Apple up to?