HTC EVO 4G Touch Problem: Needs to be Grounded

I have never been completely satisfied with the slightly sluggish response to touch on Android smartphones, probably because I’ve experienced instant touch responses on the iPhone. Thankfully with Android 2.2 that should change, but here comes news that touch on HTC’s EVO 4G only works with two hands: the EVO 4G needs to be grounded for touch to work.

According to HTC Forums the HTC EVO 4G suffers from terrible touch responsiveness, but it only happens when it isn’t grounded. In other words, when you are using two hands to operate the EVO 4G with one hand holding it, the touch works flawlessly. When you’re using just one hand with the EVO 4G on a table, chair, etc. then touch responds terribly. Here’s the link to a YouTube video showing the problem. It seems HTC’s Droid Incredible suffers a similar problem according to xda-developers.