Motorola Droid X Commercial Refers to 720 DPI

DroidLife got its hands on the commercial slides and scripts for the new Motorola Droid X. Here’s part of the script that talks about the display:

He hits the NFL app and starts watching an NFL game on its massive 4.3″/720 DPI screen. We see him watching an NFL football game. The footage is as crystal clear as it can get on a phone.

It better be crystal clear at 720 PPI! Well, the Retina Display (read Retina Display for more details) on Apple’s iPhone 4 is smaller at just 3.5 inches and the resolution is a mere 326 pixels per inch (PPI). I took my trusty PPI calculator out and it looks like for a 4.3-inch display to get to 720 PPI the pixel format will need to be more than 2560×1600, which is found on Apple’s 30-inch Cinema HD monitor! So, either Motorola is being quite modest and not announcing that it is using the most incredible display likely due to some miracle breakthrough in LCD manufacturing or the folks who are creating the script to this commercial made a simple mistake and really meant to say, “… watching an NFL game at 720p on its massive 4.3-inch screen.”