Apple Mac mini: Unibody Aluminum, Thinner and HDMI

On the same day Apple began iPhone 4 pre-orders the company came out with a rather small update to its Mac mini. Height is just 1.4 inches (down from 2.0 inches) with a bottom that can be twisted off for access inside to upgrade the memory. Ingenious and convenient. The new Mac mini is milled from a single block of aluminum like the MacBook Pro notebooks: sleek & high tech. Now, there is something really new, and a first, for an Apple computer*: HDMI. Is this a sign of things to come?

The SD slot wasn’t too big of a surprise but I’m glad Apple put it in. Currently I’m using an external SD reader and it complicates the simple design concept of the mini. And is it just me or does it seem Apple is targeting the mini as potential competition to the Apple TV? It looks almost perfect connected to a TV.

* The company’s Apple TV sports a HDMI connection, but is it a computer? Maybe, but I think it is significant that Apple has equipped a HDMI port to a bona fide computer.