Nexus One Lands in Korea via Korea Telecom

Google’s Nexus One equipped with Android 2.2, a.k.a. Froyo, will be available for pre-order in Korea via Korea Telecom (KT) on June 21st as reported by The Korea Times. Pre-orders can be made at KT’s official online shopping mall at KRW699,600 will be the price to own a Nexus One off contract and a much cheaper KRW150,000 with a two-year KRW45,000 monthly contract. Spend KRW65,000 per month and the price of the Nexus One drops to just KRW18,000. Only 4,000 units will be available at launch and KT promises nationwide availability of the Nexus One in July.

KT is also the exclusive provider of Apple’s current iPhone 3GS and announced the new iPhone 4 will be available in July. Not only that KT is the only carrier that offers GSM service in South Korea. I expect other GSM smartphones to become available on KT in the near future.