Samsung TL500 AMOLED Prosumer Digital Compact Camera, Now More Affordable

There’s a lot of good things said about Samsung’s TL500. I’ve read several reviews and here’s some common praises: One is the 5.2mm – 15.6mm (24mm – 72mm equivalent) f/1.8 – f/2.4 Schneider Varioplan lens: fast, among the fastest in a compact digital camera. Build quality is top notch. Resolution is very good with very little chromatic aberrations and vignetting. The optical image stabilization is excellent. Unfortunately shooting RAW will require some patience as it takes a bit of time between shots. But the shots in JPG and RAW have even auto-white-balance with sharpening at acceptable levels and without over-saturation. The TL500 performs remarkable in low light and photographs taken at ISO 800 looks great even when pixel-peeping at 100% crop. Samsung chose a CCD image sensor for image quality and that’s why video mode is limited to 640×480. CCD sensors when pushed via video heat up and drink large amounts of battery. The TL500 comes with a lens cap, unfortunately. A sample gallery can be found at

A little bit about the 3-inch AMOLED display. It has 614,000 pixels and it swivels, which is a very big plus. How else will you take self portraits? Just make sure to do it indoors and you’ll get extremely deep blacks with great contrast while composing. Colors though popping will most likely be quite inaccurate. Usually you should keep it away from direct sunlight: AMOLEDs are notorious for their disappearing act out in the sun. But Samsung is promising this special AMOLED is different and that you’ll be able to see the vibrant display in direct sunlight. I’ll need to see it to believe it.

Markus Puustinen:

Samsung TL 500 is the best pocket camera in the market at the moment. If you are thinking of getting the Canon S90, think again. It sucks donkey balls in comparison. … Samsung TL 500 feels like a really well made camera after using Canon S90 which feels like a cheap plastic toy.

That’s harsh, especially since I own a Canon S90. I really like mine too. It may be because his S90 had to be serviced for shutter failure, twice.

Luminous Landscape’s Michael Reichmann:

Image quality is on a par with other cameras of this type, and the EX-1 in no way suffers by comparison with competing models from Canon or Panasonic. It’s only when it comes to its primitive video capability that the EX-1 owner is let down. If video isn’t important to you then not to sweat, if it is you’ll likely want to look elsewhere.

Fast lens, great lens, solid build, decent IQ, smooth handling – what more can one want from a pocket camera in this price range. Highly recommended.

By the way, Samsung’s TL500 is also known as the EX1. And speaking of price the TL500 is now $50 cheaper: US$399.00. Consider purchasing the TL500 via this Amazon link and help support DisplayBlog. Thanks!