BOE Raised CNY4 Billion For Gen 8 LCD Fab

China’s BOE raised CNY4 billion (about US$600 million) toward building a new Gen 8 TFT LCD fabrication plant, which is expected to be located in Beijing, China according to DIGITIMES. BOE’s Gen 8 will be the first and largest in China. The Gen 8 fab broke ground in the third quarter of 2009 and will most likely begin pilot production in the first half of 2011 and ramp in the second half. Today, BOE operates a Gen 5 LCD fab with a total glass input capacity of 100,000 per month in Beijing. There are two additional LCD fabs: a Gen 6 in Hefei with a 90,000 per month capacity and a Gen 4.5 with a 30,000 per month capacity in Chengdu. The next challenge for BOE would be to find and hire engineers who have experience working at large Gen 8 LCD fabs.