Nikon S1000pj Successor: Compact Digital Camera With Pico Projector And Video Input

Nikon’s S1000pj is a compact digital camera sporting a pico projector, the first of its kind. The 2.7-inch LCD featuring 230,000 pixels look decent enough but when you have a crowd wanting to see your cute pictures you’ll need to activate the pico projector that can lather a screen up to 40 inches. The pixel format is limited to 640×480 but it is better than nothing. That’s pretty cool, but the only media you can project are inside the 12.1 megapixel compact. That’s about to change according to Nikon Rumors.

A replacement or enhanced version of the pico projector-toting S1000pj is in the works that will pack a video in connector. And that means you can connect any video source, as long as you have the right connector, and project a huge image off a tiny compact digital camera. Make sure to plug the camera in since the experience is not likely to last more than an hour.