Apple Sold Three Million iPads In 80 Days

The iPad is on a role. Apple made an announcement today stating the company has sold 3,000,000 iPads in just 80 days. Another way to put it: one sold every 2.3 seconds. One iPad sold every 2.3 seconds on average since the introduction of the iPad, for 80 days. That is amazing.

Steve Jobs:

People are loving iPad as it becomes a part of their daily lives. We’re working hard to get this magical product into the hands of even more people around the world, including those in nine more countries next month.

There are 11,000 iPad-specific apps. Considering the iPad has been available for only 80 days, it’s a bigger number than you think. Assuming developers started cranking out code the moment the iPad became available (I know, they had more time than that using the already-available SDK but bear with me as I try to get through this silly mental exercise) that’s a rate of about one app developed every 10 1/2 minutes. Insane.